Rheem Heat Pump

3 Reasons To Switch From A Traditional Furnace To A Rheem Heat Pump  

There was a point in time where virtually every home in America was heated by a traditional furnace system. While these furnaces come in a variety of different makes and models, all of these furnaces work in virtually the same exact way. Consequently, all of these furnaces have the same exact flaws which can often result in the homeowner spending a small fortune on their heating costs. Luckily, nowadays there are other options which homeowners can choose from when searching for a new heating system. One of these options is to install a Rheem pump rather than purchasing a new traditional furnace. Below are three reasons why it is important to switch from a traditional furnace to a Rheem heat pump.

To start with a Rheem heat pump, there is no need to purchase separate heating and cooling systems. This is because it can be used to both heat and cool your home. This means that you will not be required to house both a large traditional furnace and a sizable air conditioning unit as well. This can be an incredibly important benefit for individuals who live in small homes or apartments, and do not have a large amount of space which they can dedicate to a heating and cooling system. This is also quite beneficial for people who are looking to save money on the purchase price of a new heating and cooling system. This is because while a heat pump certainly will cost you more than a traditional furnace, the cost of this heat pump pales in comparison to the purchase price of an entire traditional heating and cooling system.

Secondly you will enjoy much lower monthly energy bills when you choose to switch to a Rheem heat pump. This is because it does not require any combustible fuel in order to heat the air within your home. Instead, this heat pump works simply by converting the mechanical energy created by the pump into thermal energy which can be used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year round. The best part it, this process will require only a minimal amount of electricity in order to keep the pump running. This means that you can expect a monthly energy bill which is around 75% less than what you are used to seeing with a traditional furnace. This decrease in your monthly energy bills can also help to make up for the slightly higher purchase price that comes with installing it in your home.

Finally a Rheem heat pump will last considerably longer than any traditional furnace that you can buy. Depending upon the type of fuel source your traditional furnaces uses, you can expect a traditional furnace to last anywhere from ten to twenty years. A heat pump on the other hand is projected to last at least thirty years. This means that you will get as much as three times as much service from your heat pump than you can expect from a traditional furnace. When you take this extended lifespan into consideration, the initial investment required to install a heat pump begins to look far more reasonable. After all, a single heat pump is certainly far less expensive than purchasing three separate furnaces. This does not even begin to take into account the investment that three air conditioning units would require of you, or the convenience that having the same heating and cooling system for several decades can provide you.

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Essential Care Of HVAC

Essential Care for Your Heating,Ventilating and Air Conditioner System

Whether it is summer or winter, you ought to have an air conditioner because it is no longer a luxurious item but a mandatory. HVAC system has become part and parcel of every household. It is essential to know about the benefits that the air conditioner offers at your home. Having that in mind, to get the most from your hvac system, it is best if you have an understanding of the following ideas and tips for the care of the air conditioner;

Check if it’s Cooling Operation is Efficient

To get a glimpse of this is simple as all that you need to do is to do a comparison of the air entering in and out of the air conditioner. The air blowing in and out of the vent should be determined. The difference in degrees should range between 15 and 18. If the Freon level is low, this should be indicated by low difference. If it is the opposite, that should be a clogged filter signal.

Filter Change after 3 Months

It is recommended that you change the air filter of the hvac after three(3) months and that is not an option but mandatory. Most people usually install a new one when summer starts which is very OK. You can then do it again when the same number of months is over. Places with a lot of dust or wind should have the air filter changed even before the three (3) months is over.

Always Prioritize on Pleated Filters

Even though they are expensive, pleated filter is worth having. Why? They are not only efficient when cooling or heating the house but will not become faulty that easy.

The Temperature of the Thermostat

It should be at the normal level. People always make a mistake of keeping the thermostat level at all high low. The problem of doing this is that it will not improve the rate of cooling the house but will make the air conditioner to operate for long than should be.

Avoid Leaks


The duct that you use should be a durable one to avoid every now and then of inspection. Why should you inspect the ducts from the attic many times yet a special one can relieve you from that? Metal ducts should be used more often than the flexible ones because they cannot easily leak.


The above are some of the many ways that you should know if you want to get the most from your hvac system. Furthermore,if you adhere to these simple tips and tricks, your house will forever remain welcoming.

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Heating and Air Conditioning: Why Servicing is Just as Important as the Units Themselves

Heating and Air Conditioning: Why Servicing is Just as Important as the Units Themselves

Heating and air conditioning systems are part of what makes a house a home. They make a person’s living space comfortable and, when serviced properly, can last many, many years. That’s why it’s important to make sure both are running properly, because in times of extreme heat or cold, the last thing anyone wants is to have their furnace or air conditioning unit fail.

When a heating or cooling system is neglected, it can lead to several problems in the household, including excessive energy consumption, fire hazards, improper air flow, heating and cooling inefficiencies, and the breakdown of the unit before its time. The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality is a common mindset, but it can cost the homeowner in the long run. From costly repairs to complete replacement of the systems, this should serve as an important reminder that proper service is just as important as the unit itself. When a residential heating and cooling unit fails, it isn’t always because of a mechanical defect or because a unit has exhausted its lifespan; often times it is because they have not been serviced properly.


Air conditioners and furnaces should be professionally serviced annually to ensure proper function during their peak seasons. Generally, this means spring and fall, because servicing should ideally occur just before the season of use – which also happens to coincide with the period in which Daylight Savings time kicks in. So, while many people change their smoke detectors by the national time-change schedule, it is also serves as a good reminder for servicing furnaces and air conditioners as well.


While it is recommended that residential furnaces and air conditioners be serviced every year before their seasonal use, there are things that a homeowner can be doing on their own – like changing out the filters and checking to see that the thermostat is working properly. If excessive heating and cooling (or lack of) occurs, it may only be the thermostat that needs replacing. Both may be picked up at any home improvement store.


Overlooking basic maintenance when it comes to residential heating and air conditioning isn’t uncommon. But, the fact is, those who regularly service their systems pay less in energy costs, repairs, and get more out of their heating and cooling systems overall. Professional servicing is the best way to ensure homeowners not only get extended life out of their units, but that they are functioning properly as well. Check out a great example of ac repair Greensboro and other communities.

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Furnace Service on a regular basis

Furnace Service on a regular basis


A furnace needs to be monitored annually.  A furnace that is not checked on a regular basis can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.  A number of consumers are looking for parity when it comes to their heating bills.  A neighbor that is checking their furnace on a regular basis may have a lower heating bill.  EnergyStar approved appliances can also make a difference as well.  The efficiency associated with an appliance is going to make a big difference in the long run.


An owner of a furnace may need to change their furnace filter on a regular basis.   The process can be about cleaning the air on a regular basis.  Particles of dust can lead to true challenges as you try to find a way to breathe.  Industrial working sites need to have an operating furnace so employees can be happy with their overall work environment.  The temperature of that work environment can make a big difference when it comes to employee morale.


A number of environmental agencies promote the idea of changing your furnace filter on a regular basis.  A homeowner should know that if they don’t check their filter or alter their HVAC system on a regular basis, we could see those facing different upper respiratory problems. Filters are a big part of proper Furnace Service.


Energy costs can be a big problem for a small business owner.  If you are able to find a durable energy system, you can deal with different inventory issues with a more efficient system.  \Proper Furnace Service makes a lot of sense.


The vents that are associated with a heater need to work properly.  The best vents are not going to be cracked.  A temperature control and a remote can be vital to the overall success of a furnace.  A remote that does not work as a part of an unchecked furnace could cost you money or make your residence unsafe.

AC Repair

Plaque can build up inside of a furnace.  You want to make sure that the scrubbing of a furnace is done by someone that truly knows what they are doing.  The plaque that can build up inside a furnace will make you realize what kind of dangerous toxins can be placed into the air.  The motor associated with a furnace can simply run for too long without maintenance.  Preventative care is going to be helpful.  It is not economically feasible to constantly call in a technician to make large repairs on a furnace.  A smart homeowner will keep track of their own furnace, limiting the overall cost of that furnace service

Find out more on HVAC at Consumer Reports.

Also checkout a great link for furnace repair in Greensboro and other local communities.


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